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  • A unique, enjoyable and memorable experience!

  • Feel the calm and serene sea breeze!

  • Say "hi" to these lovely creatures!

  • Witness the ultimate beauty of mother-nature!

A Whale of an Experience!

Mirissa is an ideal destination for those who wish to catch a rare glimpse of those beautiful and gentle giants of the Cetacean Order. Situated at the southern coast of Sri Lanka from beyond Mirissa coast lies the Indian Ocean its vast majesty right upto the Antartic land mass. It comes as no surprise that these amazing marine mammals migrate through the vast and fertile stretch from December to April during the annual breeding season. Mirissa itself is a quiet and peaceful coastal town boasting unspoiled beaches.

Setting off from Mirissa there is upto 90% opportunity to come across Sperm whales and good pretty chance of sighting the Blue whale as well. There are believed to be around 26 different species of whales traversing this region and this includes the well loved dolphin.

It is an exhilarating, enlightening and life-changing experience to see these miracles of the ocean face-to-face.


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